Guoxuan (Gotion) Hi-Tech has reached cooperation with Jujuy National Energy and Mining Company, and will cooperate with Corven Company in Buenos Aires to jointly develop downstream application products.

On the afternoon of June 24, Argentine time, Argentine President Alberto Fernández met with Guoxuan Hi-Tech Chairman Li Zhen and his party at the presidential residence in Olivos. A number of industrial investments will promote the development of Argentina's new energy industry. The two parties also had friendly exchanges on topics such as the "dual carbon" strategy, the new energy vehicle industry, the "Sustainable Transportation Act" and the joint venture between Guoxuan Hi-Tech and Corven, a well-known auto parts manufacturer in the Americas, to establish electric bus batteries.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández (right) and Guoxuan Hi-Tech Chairman Li Zhen (left) exchanged greetings

Argentine President Alberto Fernández:

The friendship between China and Arab states has a long history, and it lasts forever. I attended the Beijing Winter Olympics this year and witnessed the Winter Olympics moment with unique Chinese characteristics. Not long ago, I also participated in the online exchange of the enlarged meeting of the BRICS summit. China's "One Belt, One Road" strategy and "dual carbon" strategy have prompted many Chinese companies to invest in Argentina, undertake the construction of new energy projects such as photovoltaic power plants and hydropower dams, and continue to promote them, bringing opportunities for Argentina's development.

The world has turned to the use of renewable energy. Argentina has formulated incentive policies for lithium, wind power, photovoltaic and other industries. Last year, the "Development of Sustainable Transportation Act" was launched to promote investment in electric vehicles, promote transportation electrification, and provide new Legal protection for energy investors.

We welcome Chinese capital to land in Argentina. Guoxuan Hi-Tech's industrial investment activities in Argentina, covering lithium resource development, processing and battery products, have accelerated the development of local lithium resources and will help the development and progress of Argentina's new energy industry.

Li Zhen, Chairman of Guoxuan Hi-Tech:

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Afghanistan, the leaders of the two countries have actively supported the complementary advantages and economic cooperation between enterprises, especially the "Belt and Road" initiative, which has provided strategic guidance, pointed out the direction and laid the foundation for the cooperation between enterprises.

The third energy revolution with solar energy and wind energy as the main body has roared. To take full advantage of it, we must have energy storage technology. Guoxuan Hi-Tech has been focusing on energy storage for 16 years. We plan to have a global battery production capacity of 300GWh by 2025, which will increase the demand for lithium resources.

Argentina is the third largest economy in Latin America, with a harmonious social system and orderly progress in resource development, which provides a good external environment for corporate investment. We have already cooperated with Jujuy National Energy and Mining Company and will also cooperate with Corven in Buenos Aires to jointly develop products for downstream applications. In the next 100 years, new energy vehicles will definitely be a new engine of the world economy. Guoxuan is willing to work with Argentina's visionaries to jointly create a new era of energy industry.

Argentine President Alberto Fernández (right) and Guoxuan Hi-Tech Chairman Li Zhen (left) exchanged greetings

Argentine Minister of Production Development Daniel Scioli, Minister of Industry Ariel Schale, Minister of International Economic Relations Cecilia Todesca and Minister of Mines Fernanda Fernanda Ávila accompanied President Fernandez to the meeting and communicated with the Guoxuan Hi-Tech team on lithium resource development and other matters.

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